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About Us

We know there are plenty of other stores that offer Korean beauty like we do, but KOS Allure is different. KOS Allure launched in 2018 to help you discover the perfect skincare and makeup products for each individuals skin type or concern. We’ve noticed other platforms offer many different type of products and brands, but we maintain a maximum of ten brands at a time with brands alternating, so that you can find the perfect product without feeling overwhelmed.

We don't just follow trends and give you what everybody else uses because everyone has a different skin type. Our products may or may not include common brands, and we may have brands you've never heard of, but they're carefully tailored just for you. 

We offer brands and products that we've tried and love. Besides, why would we offer you products we don't love? Our mission is to explore and deliver excellent products and services to help meet your skin needs in every step of the process.

We care about your skin.