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Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence

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Double Care Essence to Hydrate and Brighten at Once!

Sensitive and Dry?

  • Lotus Root Capsule Essence wth 30% Lotus Root extract
  • Ceramide Oil prevents evaporation of water and helps to maintain skin hydration, while improving wrinkles and providing a brightening effect.
  • Ceramide Oil Capsules dissolves into the skin to completely replenish, deeply moisturize and form a moisture barrier to protect the skin!
  • Lotus Flower extract has a strong purification effect that cares for a translucent, clear and brighter skin.
  • Lotus Leaf extract softly smoothes, soothes, and cares for stressed skin by delivering hydration and nutrition into the skin.
  • the Lotus Seed extract protects the skin from external irritants and helps to normalizeĀ irritated skin.
  • The Lotus Root extract relieves tired and sensitive skin with abundant vitamins and minerals
  • Muscin boosts skin's collagen production for a moisturized, firm, and healthy skin.