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Lotus Roots 365 Silky Skin Bubble Peeling Gel

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Clearly Remove all dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads and even the micro dusts and impurities with Soft Whip Cream Bubble Peeling Gel!

Clogged Pores? Broken skin balance?
Want easy and low irritant exfoliation care?

  • Non-stimulating care for their sensitive skin.
  • Bubble Peeling Gel removes all micro impurities as you massage the bubbles into your skin.
  • Lotus Flower extract has a strong purification effect that cares for a translucent, clear and brighter skin.
  • Lotus Leaf extract softly smoothes, soothes, and cares for stressed skin by delivering hydration and nutrition into the skin.
  • Lotus Seed extract protects the skin from external irritants and helps to normalize irritated skin.
  • Lotus Root extract relieves tired and sensitive skin with abundant vitamins and minerals.
  • Muscin boosts skin's collagen production for a moisturized, firm, and healthy skin. 
  • Other ingredients included are Fermented Mung Bean, Super Fruits Complex and Truffle Extract to deliver skin vitality, radiance, firming and even skin texture. Healthy ingredients with EcoCert Certification that's good for any skin! 

EcoCert Certification is a France Organic Certification that is issued for products with over 95% Natural Ingredients and over 5~10% Organic Ingredient.