The Yeon

Rosy Lips

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Hydrating, Radiant and Intense Rose Colored Lip Color!

  • Applies softly like rose petals.
  • Clean and vivd color for a radiantly glowing detailed lip color.
  • Long lasting moisture with a soft texture that's comfortable all day!
  • No worries about your lip transferring.
  • Sits well lightly and softly.
  • Transfers less.
  • Comes with a mirror, easy to carry.
  • Multi item for both Lip & Cheeks at once! 
3 Colors:
S101 Rose Bud: Orange Red like a Red Rose Bud.
S102 Rose Petal: Enchanting Pink Red like a Blooming Rose.
S501 Dry Rose: Soft and Subtle like a Beautifully Dried Rose.